Why I’m Running


My heart goes out to our kids, I’ve witnessed inequality for black students in education and I’m truly frustrated. The status quo is decades of neglect as we as a community can no longer afford to look the other way, our communities are suffering. The 3rd District has been divided for years and I want what’s best for all our children and that’s us coming together as one, to continue the fight while embracing the innovation necessary to equip all students for college and careers. These are vital to ensuring the success of our schools and strength of our communities.

I feel that I’m more qualified than the other candidates, for a number of reasons. I empathize with our students, teachers and parents because I was born and raised here. Being a student and then volunteering with RPS for over 13 years, I’ve seen a lot happen when politics dictate what goes on in our schools and it’s just not right. I know that we can do so much more because I am that passionate, transparent, empathetic and true representation that we need. I understand that preparing our children to return our tax/ time investment to our community is important, even if they choose not to attend college, they can still be successful with the proper educational track.

This isn’t new to me, I visit our schools frequently and I’m in the communities and not just at election time. I’ve been advocating for our students for years as a resident. Now, is the time for me to be on a different platform to create a climate that’s welcoming, safe and conducive to teaching and learning. Understanding that we must offer Not just equal but equitable solutions that ensures educational excellence and a school district that we can all be proud of.  I am that voice of reason and will be able to bridge those gaps between the educational haves and have-nots. It’s not going to be an easy task but I’m committed to fighting for what’s right and for the best interest of ALL our children regardless of race, status or zip code.

My Priorities


  • Reinforce the need for equity and work to remedy challenges faced by individual schools
  • Support diversification celebrated through access to funds, resources, and trauma focused approaches to balance to the needs of our children.
  • Strengthen our commitment to our educators and all RPS staff.
  • Focus on authentic learning, college and workforce readiness
  • Ensure the sustainability of our fine arts & athletic programs
  • Continued expansion of our Pre-K and Early Childhood Education Programs
  • Support the implementation of our facilities improvement plan and additional funding for infrastructure
  • Closing the Achievement Gaps and increasing the achievement levels of ALL our students
  • Ensuring that our most vulnerable students in our Special Education Programs, are getting the necessary services and resources
  • Interrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline by introducing alternatives to discipline practices.


My Focus


Equity- Equity in education has two dimensions. The first is fairness, making sure that personal and social circumstances isn’t an obstacle to achieving educational potential. The second is inclusion, all students attend and are welcomed by their neighborhood schools in age-appropriate, regular classes and are supported to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of the life of the school.

Access- Access to adequate public transportation to attend public schools and specialty schools that may or may not be located near students’ homes. Also, counseling, social services, academic support, and other resources that can help students who are at risk of failure or dropping out remain in school, succeed academically, graduate with a diploma, are workforce ready or pursue post secondary education.

Sustainability- Our schools are interconnected systems which include the building, its component materials, systems and operation; students, staff, and the community; transportation methods, and our district budget. We must ensure that we make sound decisions not only for now but for the future in order for our system to remain strong for years to come..