About Kevin

As a child, Kevin began learning the importance of community involvement and volunteering. He was raised by his grandparents in the Providence Park Community, they began to instill in him the value of being a man with a purpose of helping others and being a leader. With that, Kevin started his journey in Boys Scouts, where he was involved for over 12 years at Trinity Baptist Church and earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 2002. Kevin also spent his summers volunteering with Virginia Blood Services, Caritas, YMCA and other local organizations while growing up in North Richmond. Kevin’s early success as a youth leader has followed him throughout his adult life.

Kevin is now a father, business owner, music educator and community organizer. He has become known for his commitment to social issues, dedication to the children and adults within the community, fair-minded leadership, and determination to get results.

He is the President/CEO of Jeremiah Entertainment, a local family entertainment/amusement company. As the CEO of Fun his focus is to consistently and affordably provide the residents of small and mid-sized cities with modern, “state of the art” entertainment experiences in a wholesome, family focused environment.

Kevin is a solid family man, Virginia native, and a graduate of Richmond Public Schools. Community engagement, education, youth development through entrepreneurial skills and vocational training, ranks high on his list of priorities to sustain the growth of our future generation and sustainable communities. He uses his existing business venture, Jeremiah Entertainment, to further enhance and assist the lives of our youth as him and his team hires teens throughout the year, volunteers & contributes to local youth organizations and sponsors numerous “Back to School” events throughout the city.

As a community organizer Kevin is devoted to restoring democracy at the grassroots level and energizing citizens to become a more active member of their society. It’s all about focusing on fixing broken social systems, bringing about meaningful changes to peoples’ lives, and empowering vulnerable or oppressed populations.

“We all can agree that the economics of poverty have devastated some of our communities and without a successful public education system our kids aren’t going to make it out. Our educational system is broken, which isn’t news to us at all and it’s not just here in Richmond, it’s all over. The gaps between the educational haves and have nots is growing rapidly. But just because its continuing to fail elsewhere doesn’t mean that we must allow it to continue here in this great city of Richmond. The status quo is decades of neglect as we as a community can no longer afford to look the other way.

We must create a climate that’s welcoming, safe and conducive to teaching and learning. We must offer equitable solutions that promotes educational excellence that we can all be proud of. We must focus on Equity, Access and Sustainability in order to move our school district forward. I want to be that voice of reason and bridge those gaps between the educational haves and have-nots and with your support, I can do just that.”